Palace history

Stylish and distinctive, the building housing the Palace restaurant at Eteläranta 10 was originally created to mark the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki and is these days often described as a calling card for the Finnish design industry.

The building’s facade is currently being renovated as part of an extensive refurbishment project. The works also extend to the 10th floor, where the restaurant and its dining areas will be given a new, National Board of Antiquities-approved look and identity that sensitively reflect our establishment’s unique and distinguished heritage.

Mimicking the kitchen’s classically modern style of cooking, the restaurant’s interiors will also be restored to their previous mid-century glory. A 1950s modernist look is the ideal fit for Finland as the country heads towards the 2020s. The restaurant interior’s sleek and pared down aesthetic will also extend to the way our dishes are presented to our diners. The restaurant’s iconic light sign has also been restored and will be returned to the building’s roof at new year.

From its inception in 1952, Palace has led the way for gastronomy in Finland. The 10th floor housed the formal dining room, while the second floor was home to a more relaxed cafe, which was later to become La Vista and Palacen Ranta. In 1961, the legendary American Bar opened on the building’s 11th floor.

Our food

The Palace restaurant has always enjoyed a reputation for impeccable fine dining. At the beginning, the majority of the dishes would have been presented to diners by silver service staff at the table with popular dishes including:

– Palermaa’s blinis, served with anchovies, honey and sour cream
– Caesar sandwich, toasted rye bread with steak tartar, caviar, egg yolk and onion
– Burbot à la Harry, burbot, beurre blanc and fennel
– Rolled roast moose
– Zander à la Walewska
– Duck à la Palace, with red cabbage
– Läskisoosi, pan-fried pork in gravy
– Beetroot timbale

In the 1990s, the Palace Gourmet restaurant became famous for its Menu Surprise, a daily menu served blind complete with wine.

Private dining at the Palace

Private dining rooms at the Palace are named after notable figures associated with the restaurant, including the building’s architect and the restaurant’s former general managers and head chefs.

Viljo Revell (1919-1964). Architect who designed the restaurant building at Eteläranta 10.

Wilhelm Noschis (1919-1999). Hotel Palace General Manager from 1952 until 1985.

Aleksander Palermaa (1911-1997). The restaurant’s first ever head chef, 1952 – 1976.

Eero Mäkelä (1942-2008). Palace Head Chef. During his tenure, Palace became the first Finnish restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star.

Heikki Tavela (1932-2013). Businessman, gourmand and Palace owner in the early 2000s. Founder member of the Läskisoosi Society.